Thursday, December 7, 2023

Digital Wallet Stipend Program Discussed in Senate Talks

The Senate discusses criticisms of the government’s economic stimulus program, which is facing concerns over high costs and potential inefficacy. Changes and delays are expected for the program.

Senate Discusses Criticisms of Government’s Economic Stimulus Program

The Senate recently held a discussion on the government’s key economic stimulus program, which aims to boost the economy by providing Thai nationals with digital money. However, the program has faced criticism over its high costs and potential inefficacy.

Stakeholders Call for Program’s Cancellation

Many stakeholders, including professors and academics, have called for the cancellation of the program due to concerns about its budget and lack of long-term fiscal discipline. They argue that the benefits do not outweigh the costs and that the program only focuses on short-term relief. The Senate invited various parties to share their opinions and formulate solutions to address these concerns.

Changes and Delays Expected for the Program

During the discussion, it was mentioned that the program is likely to undergo various changes. For example, the number of eligible citizens may be reduced to exclude the wealthy. The budget for the initiative, approved by the Parliament, is expected to be less than 500 billion baht and will likely be delayed until September. Additionally, conditions limiting the use of the stipend may be scrapped to ensure broader distribution.

Source : National News Bureau of Thailand

Source : Digital Wallet Stipend Program Discussed in Senate Talks


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