BANGKOK FLOODS: PM Issues disaster warning for Bangkok

Thailand’s Prime Minister today announced that Bangkok faced a looming disaster as she consolidated special powers for flood control and drainage.

The 2007 Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Act was put into place take responsibility for mana gement of the flooding, just short of declaring a state of emergency. Under her control, the priority for managing the floods is to speed up the drainage into the sea via the east of the capital.

The government is also set to coordinate its efforts with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to operate all sluice gates in and around the capital, effectively taking full control of the waterways in the city.

The armed forces would also be responsible for maintaining and defending dykes and levees set up to stem the flow of floodwaters.

The military will play a key role in defending important points of infrastructure, including Bangkok’s airports – Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi around the Grand Palace and Siriraj Hospital, and the city’s tap water system.

The Ministry of Transport would be responsible for ensuring a smooth flow of traffic throughout the capital, and other agencies would also be involved in the setting up and plans shelters and arranging evacuations`

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