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8 Regulations and Policies Supporting Startups in Vietnam

Vietnam has been actively pursuing a strong startup sector for over a decade. In doing so it has enacted several policies and initiatives to stimulate growth and entrepreneurship. Here are eight of those policies and initiatives.

Recognizing the country’s need to diversify its economy outside of the manufacturing sector, Vietnam has for some years been striving to drive investment in high-tech industries. This has manifested as a number of key policies and initiatives supporting startups and appears to be working.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when industries like tourism and hospitality were suffering under the weight of prolonged shutdowns, Vietnam’s startups sector was thriving. In 2021, Vietnam received over US$1.4 billion in funding for its startups, four times what it received in 2020.

This has come from both domestic investors and international firms.

Investment in Vietnamese startups by country, number of projects

 20142015201620172018201920202021Vietnam3761010202128Singapore 5646191934Korea 1267212017North…

8 Regulations and Policies Supporting Startups in Vietnam

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