Wednesday, June 7, 2023

DTN Urges Durian Farmers to Take Advantage of Current FTAs

BANGKOK (NNT) – This month marks the beginning of the fruit season in Thailand amid rising demand for Thai fruits abroad, particularly durian, the king of fruits.

Through the sale of fresh crops and manufactured goods, Thailand became the world’s leading exporter of durian in 2021, with an export value of $3.78 billion.

In an effort to encourage local farmers to take advantage of existing free trade agreements, the Department of Trade Negotiations recently visited local durian producers in the Betong district of Yala province, which borders Malaysia.

Auramon Supthaweethum, Director-General of the Department of Trade Negotiations, revealed that more than 50 percent of durians exported by the kingdom originated from the southern provinces, with Malaysia serving as a major trading partner. She further explained that the shared border with Thailand has made it easier for Malaysian consumers to acquire this delectable fruit. Musang King Durian is the most popular variety with Malaysian consumers.

Auramon stated that Thailand now has free trade agreements with eighteen countries, allowing domestic farmers to export fruit to a variety of markets without obstruction. She added that local farmers should capitalize appropriately on these agreements.

The department has also urged local producers, partner organizations, and community businesses to work together to increase product stocking capacity and enhance the process of product standardization.

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