Sunday, September 19, 2021

First lot of pre-ordered Thai durian arrives in China

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BANGKOK (NNT) – The first lot of pre-ordered Chanthaburi durians has arrived in China and will further be delivered directly to customers without passing a middleman.

Advisor to Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Alongkorn Ponlaboot revealed that on April 28, the first lot of durians from Khlung district of Chanthaburi province arrived at Shenzhen airport and will directly be delivered to the customers.

This lot of durians are the first ever durians that were ordered via an online platform of Khlung agricultural cooperative by Chinese customers without passing a middleman.

The first lot included 10,000 durians comprising the varieties of Mhon Thong, Kradum and Puang Manee which are the top three favourite varieties among Chinese consumers.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, small families living in the city tend to order Kradum and Puang Manee because the fruit size is smaller. While the bigger Mhon Thong durians were mostly ordered by larger families.

In addition, Mr.Jiaoling Pan, Managing Director of Royal Farm Group Co.Ltd who operated this first order said durians from Khlung Agricultural Cooperative are GAP certified and guaranteed. If the fruit quality is low the company will deliver a new one to the customer to ensure that customers will always receive the best quality fruit from Thailand.

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