BANGKOK (NNT) – Hopes of restarting the tourism sector might need to be pushed back again as new cases of COVID-19 reach a record high. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy said today that this new wave might bring Thailand’s 2021 GDP down from its 4% target, while stressing the government will be introducing more economic stimuli.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy Supattanapong Punmeechaow said the Thai economy overall can still move forward following a good performance by the export sector, however the new wave of COVID-19 cases might bring down expected GDP growth this year to below the 4% target.

Mr Supattanapong said the government will do all it can to stimulate the economy, by issuing measures to stimulate domestic consumption, as well as proceeding with infrastructure investment to create more jobs and income among younger generations.

Whether or not the new wave will affect the country’s reopening date for foreign visitors of 1st July, the DPM and Energy Minister said the situation will need to be monitored day by day, as the situation is currently developing around the world.

He said the most important thing is to regain confidence among the general public through effective epidemic control action that allows the economy to grow simultaneously.

Mr Supattanapong said he believes the situation will improve, as the people are now more experienced with how to protect themselves, and the government now has experience from the previous outbreak in Samut Sakhon, while stressing the healthcare system is capable of handling the increase in the number of patients.

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