BANGKOK (NNT) – The total value of transactions in the government’s 50:50 co-pay campaign has reached 100 million baht. Campaign participants now have until 31 March to use up all their remaining allowance.

The Ministry of Finance revealed the government’s 50:50 co-pay campaign for general purchases has seen an accumulative total amount of campaign transactions of 100.042 billion baht, made at shops and vendors across the country.

Introduced as a financial aid package to help stimulate the economy suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, the 50:50 campaign offers a 3,500 baht allowance per person, to be used as a subsidy for 50% of the value of purchases made at participating stores, with a daily cap at 150 baht for the subsidy element.

According to the Fiscal Policy Office’s Director General and the Ministry of Finance Spokesperson Kulaya Tantitemit, 51.21 billion baht of the total transaction amount was paid by campaign participants, while the remaining 48.83 billion baht was met by the government.

14.79 million people have signed up for this co-pay campaign, with 19.58 million already using up their allowance. Those with remaining allowance have until 31 March to use it up.

Ms. Kulaya said transactions in this campaign have been made all across the country, reflecting the government’s success in promoting domestic consumption and helping the grassroot economy to recover.

Bangkok is at the top of the spending list in this campaign, followed by Chon Buri, Samut Prakan, Song Khla and Chiang Mai.

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