BANGKOK (NNT) – Today, the first group of tourists with a Special visa or Special Tourist VISA (STV) arrive in Thailand and more will continue to arrive over coming months. In addition to the government’s confirmation of the readiness of measures to enhance the safety of Thai people, the private sector has also confirmed its readiness to accommodate tourists.

Mr Chairat Trairattanacharatphorn, President of the Tourism Industry Council of Thailand, said today the current political demonstration situation should not affect foreign visitors much. He also expressed his hope that no foreign visitors will be infected with COVID-19 in the early stages of the STV program in order to build local acceptance and prove that the public and private tourism sector can control COVID-19 well, which will lead to the second phase and the next group of arrivals.

As for domestic tourism, the Tourism Industry Council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Science Museum (NSM) to organize a “One Day Tour to the Museum” project, to encourage travel agencies or partner tourism business operators to arrange day trips to the NSM, Khlong 5, Pathum Thani, to accommodate foreign tourists who will gradually arrive and encourage students and the public to recognize the importance of science that helps develop the country further.

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