BANGKOK (NNT) – Let’s look at a food innovation for people who don’t eat meat or can’t eat but want to eat it. Today, there are more options. Makro has supported a Thai startup in launching plant-based meat or meat which is made from plant material. It is a meat substitute that provides complete nutrition for healthy diners.

Plant-based meat is a processed food innovation by Meat Avatar. It is produced by a Thai start-up entrepreneur who has processed plants into meat substitute that can be used in cooking. It is like real meat in terms of smell, taste and appearance and it is an alternative food for consumers who are health conscious.

Mr Wiphoo Lertsuraphibool, one of the founders of Meat Avatar, said the company buys raw materials from Thai farmers and processes it to help farmers earn more and improve the quality of Thai agricultural products to enhance their competitiveness in the world market. In the first phase, the products will be sold through Makro, and at hotels, restaurants and cafes. The company will also focus on penetrating the Asian market and launch Avatar Kitchen for food delivery in response to the behavior of consumers who like to order food online in the new normal era. It also aims to become a manufacturer of raw material for food processing plants.

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