BANGKOK (NNT) – The Ministry of Finance and the Department of Local Administration have provided an explanation of the law on land and building taxation, which has caused many issues recently as it came into effect this year.

Mr Prayoon Rattanaseni, Director-General of the Department of Local Administration (DLA), explained this week that where it is the case that the DLA has not sent an assessment notification to the taxpayer, it is considered the taxpayer has no burden to pay tax under the law. Local administrators can extend the due date of tax payments by residents beyond August, but this has to be done before August 31. Taxpayers can ask local administrators to extend the time available for tax payments on a case-by-case basis without having to pay a fine, but have to pay an additional 0.5 percent per month. If the taxpayer receives a tax assessment notification from the local administrative organization late, such as being notified later than August, the taxpayer can submit an objection to the assessment of the local administrators within 30 days of the date of receipt of the assessment notification. If the tax due is above 3,000 baht, the taxpayer can apply to pay tax installments every three months from the due date of the tax payment, paying the same amount of tax each month.

Mr. Lavaron Saengsanit, Director-General of the Fiscal Policy Office, Ministry of Finance, explained that should a member of the public not receive a tax assessment notification, or the deadline for tax payment is extended or postponed, they will not have to pay a fine or surcharges. Some local administrative organizations have now extended the tax deadlinebeyond the end of August. Meanwhile, many local administrative organizations as well as Bangkok Metropolitan Administration are considering extending the deadline for the payment of the tax.

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