Government supports SMEs joining MAI

BANGKOK, 14 July 2019 (NNT) – The Finance Minister, Uttama Savanayana, has expressed his confidence that the government will help strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) so that they can be listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI), an alternative stock market for SMEs in Thailand.

The 6th MAI Forum 2019 was organized by the MAI Listed Companies Association (MAI) on Saturday (July 13). Finance Minister Uttama presided over the opening ceremony of the event and delivered a speech on the capital market and sustainable development of SMEs. He said the government has been supporting SMEs through various projects. They have more business opportunities after being listed on the MAI. However, the SMEs will have to adapt quickly and use technology to increase their competency.

The Finance Minister and the private sector will discuss financial system connectivity supported by the government’s infrastructure and digital technology to boost their capabilities. The government will prioritize its measures to strengthen the domestic economy amid the volatile global economy in the second half of this year.

On e-business tax and personal income tax, the government will look into these issues thoroughly, before making any decision. He said they are sensitive issues and the government won’t take advantage of the people, and its decision must support business expansion. As for the plan to raise the daily minimum wage to 400 baht, relevant agencies will discuss ways to raise the minimum wage while improving the skills of workers simultaneously.

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