Sunday, November 28, 2021


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Political conflict still key pressure on Thailand's economic growth

Using a comprehensive survey of 1,043 firms taken during April-November 2007, the new report, Thailand Investment Climate Assessment Update 2008, showed that more than two-thirds of the firms rated the uncertain economic and political environment as major or severe obstacles to doing business in Thailand that year.

Few pause in cashing and spending their Government cheques

About 75 per cent of the Bt2,000 "Help the country" cheques was spent immediately, with lowerincome recipients tending to save less than higherincome earners, according to an opinion poll released yesterday.

Economist Olarn Chaipravat wants 37 baht for a dollar to boost exports

Economist lauds US and China for proactive measures but says Thailand must address its own problems

Government urged to get moving soon on draft retail and wholesale act

Members of Parliament and the Board of Trade of Thailand have urged the government to move quickly on amending the draft retail and wholesale business law to allow small retailers to survive as giant modern retailers pursue aggressive expansion plans.

Abhisit government faces tough choice on Bangkok airport policy

This Wednesday, the Cabinet will be hard-pressed to decide if Bangkok should have one or two airports.

Reds' minor objectives met, now the real challenge

It was a good start, with the lesser objectives met. The crowds were big enough and the march from Sanam Luang to Government House was without incident. Donations were pouring in although the amounts were still nowhere near those transferred earlier to the bank account of its "yellow" rival.

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